The 77%

So 77% of you Americans out there think that there is too much power in the hands of a few hundred rich people and corporations? Then why in the hell don’t you all do something about it instead of sitting there, picking your nose while you watch Entertainment Tonight? I just don’t get it, and man, does it piss me off. Write a freakin’ letter, or call your goddamned Congressman, at the very least, VOTE for someone that is willing to do something. Don’t just complain about it, because I promise you, it will get worse! Much worse! It’s already been shown that these assholes don’t think that they’re doing anything wrong, and they are going to put even more money than the 2 freakin’ million dollars a day into the pockets of your legislators to keep the status quo. You know they will. What’s to stop them? Most of you out there certainly don’t seem interested enough to complain about it to anyone but your spouse and co-workers. Hell, half of you can’t even pull yourself off the freakin’ couch long enough to vote!

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