Voter suppression at its worst

What a shame.

Did anybody on Twitter see that mock-up picture at a polling line in Arizona, a picture of ICE arresting a Hispanic person that was waiting in line to vote? No, you probably didn’t, because our news corporations seem to pick and choose what they want to expose to the public. The comment on the post went even further; “I’ve just got word that an illegal trying to vote has been arrested.”

The picture was proven to be a hoax, and turned out to be two pictures composed together to make it look like somebody was getting arrested. One picture was a photo of people standing in line to vote in Arizona, and another, unrelated photo of immigration actually arresting somebody in another part of the country. These two photos were Photo-shopped together to make it look like immigration officials were arresting illegal immigrants when they showed up to vote. The picture of course was Photo-shopped and then posted by a Trump supporter.

You can imagine how Hispanics who viewed this photo are feeling about voting now. What a disgrace. Do they really have to go this far in order to win the election?

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