Look ahead, you fool

It is obvious at this point that Mr. Trump sees the American presidency as a dictatorship, a monarchy, where nothing that he does can be considered inappropriate. He really believes that his power as president has no checks, and that no other arm of our government can dictate or limit what he can do. He truly believes that our constitution was not set up to prevent one branch from taking complete and utter control of every single state and its citizens.
He also believes that only he himself knows what’s best for the country. He thinks that he understands better than every single expert, whether they be private or government professionals, what the country needs, and that he alone can do better at moving this country’s 325 million citizens in a better direction that will benefit all of us.
If these two truths, that his power knows no limits and that only he himself knows what’s best, don’t scare the hell out of you, then there is nothing I can say to try to convince you otherwise. Go ahead and vote for him again.
Ignore all of the indicators of his lust for power and his assumption of God-like authority. Watch him dismantle so many different things that took us so long to fight for, like cleaner air and water, more rights for the citizen and less rights for the wealthy, and keeping a buttress against corporate CEO’s that want more and more wealth until we can no longer stop them from raping everyone and everything for their own benefit.
We can and will overcome this demigod because there are more of us that can see ahead far enough to realize the kind of country that his kind will produce. There are more of us than there are of you, which is why we have created the kind of governance that benefits its citizens better than all other systems in any other country.
We have slowly moved forward and even ahead of all 195 countries in the entire world, in human rights, in citizen equality and fairness under the law because there are more of us that can and choose to look past ourselves and our families, to see what will be best in the long run for everyone.
As this last election tells me, I see now that there are many more of you that choose not to see very far ahead, that cannot or will not see what this kind of unyielding power and short-sighted decision-making in our elected representatives can do, more then I ever thought there was. I was wrong, and I, along with the rest of us, are paying the price.
But those of us that can see past what’s good only for ourselves, take heart. Don’t give up, and don’t stop trying.
We will, I think, continue to move forward despite you. It will take longer, and it will be much harder, but we will overcome this presidency and the self-serving and non-thinking individuals out there that continue to vote for a man that has stepped all over them, a man that continues to lie to them, a man that can only see and decide what benefits him and his kind.

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