A Game of GRR Martin

I can’t believe that I just wasted the last couple months of my valuable reading time on George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series (I call it “A Game of Thrones” series). After finishing “A Feast for Crows” last night, after waiting for the chapters regarding some of the most important characters that I’d grown so fond of, I come across his explanation of why we don’t get to read about them until the NEXT book (because he didn’t think ahead and pace himself).

What a bunch of crap.

Sure, the next book is out, which covers what he didn’t tell us in AFFC, but this means that I will have to read through another entire book and get to the next one before I can find out what the newest characters that I just read about in AFFC are up to. Since it takes me several weeks to read a book these days, that would mean that I have to wait again. He gives us three books with the same characters, characters that I have grown very fond of, or at least very interested in, then leaves them out of book number 4 entirely, and introduces hundreds of new characters.

Oh, and did I mention that he hasn’t even written the last 2 books yet? And, by looking at his publication timeline for the first 5 books, I’ll probably have to wait years before I hear about the characters that he introduced in AFFC. Sorry, George, but I consider this a big blunder, a HUGE blunder. Enough of one that I will wait for you to finish the entire series before I continue reading. And I certainly won’t recommend the series to my friends until it’s done.

Shame on you, GRRM. Do you know of any other authors that make us wait weeks and years before we can get the answers that we’re dying to hear?

Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving! Except to you, George. Stop eating and get yer ass in your office and finish writing!

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