The Swamp that Trump Built

Did you really think that President Trump was draining the swamp? Here is what he is really doing to the presidency…

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Not a clue

Mr. Trump thinks that the Corona virus is under control, thanks to his efforts. But the US president doesn’t have a clue.

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Look ahead, you fool

It is obvious at this point that Mr. Trump sees the American presidency as a dictatorship, a monarchy, where nothing that he does can be considered inappropriate. He really believes that his power as president has no checks, and that no other arm of our government can dictate or limit what he can do. He truly believes that our constitution was not set up to prevent one branch from taking complete and utter control of every single state and its citizens.
He also believes that only he himself knows what’s best for the country. He thinks that he understands better than every single expert, whether they be private or government professionals, what the country needs, and that he alone can do better at moving this country’s 325 million citizens in a better direction that will benefit all of us.
If these two truths, that his power knows no limits and that only he himself knows what’s best, don’t scare the hell out of you, then there is nothing I can say to try to convince you otherwise. Go ahead and vote for him again.
Ignore all of the indicators of his lust for power and his assumption of God-like authority. Watch him dismantle so many different things that took us so long to fight for, like cleaner air and water, more rights for the citizen and less rights for the wealthy, and keeping a buttress against corporate CEO’s that want more and more wealth until we can no longer stop them from raping everyone and everything for their own benefit.
We can and will overcome this demigod because there are more of us that can see ahead far enough to realize the kind of country that his kind will produce. There are more of us than there are of you, which is why we have created the kind of governance that benefits its citizens better than all other systems in any other country.
We have slowly moved forward and even ahead of all 195 countries in the entire world, in human rights, in citizen equality and fairness under the law because there are more of us that can and choose to look past ourselves and our families, to see what will be best in the long run for everyone.
As this last election tells me, I see now that there are many more of you that choose not to see very far ahead, that cannot or will not see what this kind of unyielding power and short-sighted decision-making in our elected representatives can do, more then I ever thought there was. I was wrong, and I, along with the rest of us, are paying the price.
But those of us that can see past what’s good only for ourselves, take heart. Don’t give up, and don’t stop trying.
We will, I think, continue to move forward despite you. It will take longer, and it will be much harder, but we will overcome this presidency and the self-serving and non-thinking individuals out there that continue to vote for a man that has stepped all over them, a man that continues to lie to them, a man that can only see and decide what benefits him and his kind.

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Fuel Efficiency standards

Wait a minute here…haven’t we heard Mr. Trump say over and over that states should be able to set their own standards?

Maybe I’m missing something here. Mr.Trump wants each individual state to have more power to set their own clean air and clean water rules. Then why is he trying to prevent California from enacting (or keeping) their own standards? He is now proposing to freeze fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks for six years in ALL states, regardless of what that state’s citizens have already voted on.

State’s rights, eh…so much for that.

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Are you happy now?

I just have to ask…

Is this president really what you were voting for when you went to the polls in 2016? I understand that you were pissed, that you think that some people have always discounted you as uninformed hicks and Trump was your way of getting back at them. But is this narcissist really the one that you still choose to be our president?

Or, will you admit that it might have been a mistake on your part?

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Voter suppression at its worst

What a shame.

Did anybody on Twitter see that mock-up picture at a polling line in Arizona, a picture of ICE arresting a Hispanic person that was waiting in line to vote? No, you probably didn’t, because our news corporations seem to pick and choose what they want to expose to the public. The comment on the post went even further; “I’ve just got word that an illegal trying to vote has been arrested.”

The picture was proven to be a hoax, and turned out to be two pictures composed together to make it look like somebody was getting arrested. One picture was a photo of people standing in line to vote in Arizona, and another, unrelated photo of immigration actually arresting somebody in another part of the country. These two photos were Photo-shopped together to make it look like immigration officials were arresting illegal immigrants when they showed up to vote. The picture of course was Photo-shopped and then posted by a Trump supporter.

You can imagine how Hispanics who viewed this photo are feeling about voting now. What a disgrace. Do they really have to go this far in order to win the election?

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Why aren’t you guys angry?

Here’s some statistics that should bother the hell out of all of you…

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank

The upper 1 percent of Americans are now taking in nearly a quarter of the nation’s income every year.

The largest financial crime in American history took place and resulted in no criminal charges. No Wall Street or bank executive has been charged with anything.

We could eliminate half the predicted shortfall in the national budget by simply failing to renew the Bush tax cuts.

Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan CEO) made $5700.00 every day of last year, totaling $20.8 million bucks. Plus, he and his 6 lieutenants made another $30.2 million in bonuses.

Borders executives intended to pay themselves $8 million in bonuses until a US Trustee objected. The company spokesman said, “The proposed programs were designed to retain key executives at Borders as we proceed through the Chapter 11 reorganization process.” In short, retain those whose management bankrupted the corporation.

And some quotes…

Such a lifestyle of constant credit being owed is indentured servitude.

Capitalism is good. Crony Capitalism, where people with wealth get to write their own laws to help themselves and put competition out of business is what the U.S. has, though, and that’s not capitalism. It’s evil.

I believe in a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. Isn’t that an American credo? How did it get twisted around into an obscene wage for shameless plunder?

“He who dies rich dies disgraced.” Andrew Carnegie

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The 77%

So 77% of you Americans out there think that there is too much power in the hands of a few hundred rich people and corporations? Then why in the hell don’t you all do something about it instead of sitting there, picking your nose while you watch Entertainment Tonight? I just don’t get it, and man, does it piss me off. Write a freakin’ letter, or call your goddamned Congressman, at the very least, VOTE for someone that is willing to do something. Don’t just complain about it, because I promise you, it will get worse! Much worse! It’s already been shown that these assholes don’t think that they’re doing anything wrong, and they are going to put even more money than the 2 freakin’ million dollars a day into the pockets of your legislators to keep the status quo. You know they will. What’s to stop them? Most of you out there certainly don’t seem interested enough to complain about it to anyone but your spouse and co-workers. Hell, half of you can’t even pull yourself off the freakin’ couch long enough to vote!

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Commercials on Television

I counted 14 commercials in a row the other morning on GMA. I’m still having a hard time believing it. Fourteen! I had to actually go back (I have a DVR) and watch them in fast mode to count them, so ABC got me twice, those punks. Then the network was kind enough to give me another two whole minutes of content before they force-fed me some more commercials. Groan. I wanted to go back a third time with a stopwatch to see exactly how much time those 14 commercials took, but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to stand another look without running into the back yard naked howling and screaming and rubbing my sore brain.

I guess I’ve been slacking, because I didn’t realize just how laden these networks are getting with all these in-your-face interruptions. And I know that I’m not the only one that thinks that they’re getting way out of hand. I think that they are currently testing us, trying to see just how many commercials they can squeeze in before we start baling on them. Because that’s what I did after I counted them, it angered me so much. And I know that I’m one of the lucky ones because I do have a DVR, and I can skip past them if I want to wait for 20 freakin’ minutes before I start watching them so I have enough minutes saved up.

Actually, I’m getting quite good at skipping past these mind-numbing segments of consumer-convincing crap. I’ve learned to prepare for them by getting the remote control in hand when I see their approach, my finger poised over the fast-forward button (the skip button takes too many presses these days) and looking at the clock to guess how many of them I will be skipping over. We all know that they will try to show us more of them towards the end of the program because we have more of our time invested in the actual program itself, and we’re less likely to get pissed off and change the channel at that point. So I know that I will have to hit the 4x fast forward if it’s ten minutes to the end of the program.

These marketing guys that decide just how many commercials we get fed are getting so damned good, have you noticed? They are very good at their job, although they probably are afraid to tell a new acquaintance exactly what they do for a living (“I spend all day trying to guess just how much crap I can feed you guys before you get so fed up that you leave me”). They probably hold focus groups and design polls to see if they can get away with shoving even more unwanted trash our way before we get too sick of it. Oh, these guys are good, and getting better by the day. I’ll bet their spouses hate them, though.

They use so many tricks to get us to stop channel surfing with the intentions of hiding their crap behind what looks like legitimate content. They experiment with these new pseudo-commercials and their ilk, the kind of commercials that flash pictures or characters from the actual show that we’re watching so we think that it’s still the program instead of a commercial. They invent 5-second commercials because they know that our DVR Skip buttons only move skip in 30-second increments. They time the commercials differently for different shows, giving us a few minutes of content first on some shows and then jamming their commercials in, while on other shows they give us the opening logo first and then hammering us.

They know that they walk a fine line, these commercial-deciding hacks, because the majority of us (not the mindless sheep out there that will watch their favorite show regardless of the amount of content) do have a threshold for how much TV crapware we’re willing to watch that, if reached, will in fact flip them off and change the channel (ohmygod) or even give up on watching their show entirely (nofuckingway), which negates their intentions of getting us to watch even more of their commercials entirely. After all, if we don’t watch their show because we’re sick of all the commercials, then they can’t sell the advertising, which nullifies their job and they will have to go back to their job at McDonalds. But that threshold is a fuzzy one, and even the diehard commercial haters amongst us will give in and stay tuned unless we notice a stark change in the amount of commercial content we’re spoon-fed.

They really need to know that we’re all getting fairly disgusted with it all. But who do we bitch to? Most channels’ websites don’t have a contact email address named Good thing, too. I’d overwhelm those suckers.

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Still Stupid After all these Years

I am not greatly educated, just so you know that.  And I am not that street-savvy, either.

I have to start this entry with those statements, otherwise you’ll think that I’m full of myself, and I’m really not. But I am smart enough to see that many of the people that I encounter in life do some real stupid shit, ya know?  This is not just me ranting about some incident that I was subjected to recently, although I have many, but a question that has plagued me for a long time;

Why are people so stupid?

I mean, my friends aren’t stupid, and I have quite a few friends. Most of the townsfolk that surround me aren’t really stupid, and these guys make up the majority of people that I deal with on a day-to-day basis. And I see and read about a lot of smart people every day, too. So it’s always driven me crazy to see so many stupid things from so many stupid people happen all the stupid time! A fellow citizen taking up the last 2 parking spots by parking diagonally. A gal stopping in the middle of a narrow grocery store aisle and standing there blocking the way like it’s own her personal shopping day in her own personal shopping center as you try to get past. A driver puttering along for 20 miles at 40 mph on the hiway with a line of 10 cars behind them. Or some Talking Head on the tube saying something like, “the vast majority of the country is conservative,” when every poll out there shows that it’s a fairly close mix of both conservatives and liberals moderates. And never mind about some of the outrageously stupid shit that you can find people doing on YouTube (don’t get me started).

You see, this stuff bugs the hell outta me! I stew over this stuff, I lather over it until I’m steaming, I am actually embarrassed by these sensless acts of my fellow Americans, and I can’t seem to ignore these lapses in reasoning like everyone else does. This is my problem, my shortcoming, I know this. But knowing this doesn’t seem to help me to get over it. Hell, it makes me feel lame that I can’t just accept it! And so I ask myself, and even other people, why this is so, why are people so stupid?

Well, after spending half the evening on a newly discovered website last night,, I am beginning to understand it a lot more, why so many people can be as dumb as a stick. I don’t know who the author of this site is, but she’s got a pretty good grip on why there’s so much stupidity around us, and I want to enumerate a few of her points so I can refer back to this entry and, well, frankly, get over it. After all, I spend way too much time trying to answer it. And her answers make complete sense!

So here’s the crux of her answer in a few bullet points, ‘cause I know that we all love bullet points…

  • Stupidity is something that is inherently built into us all
  • Stupidity is a product of our genes, a trait that helps us to survive and reproduce
  • Stupidity only seems stupid to the people that have different life circumstances that we do, meaning everyone
  • People themselves aren’t stupid, but their stupid acts manifest themselves only in how we interpret their actions

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that we all do Stupid Things at times (well, you guys do, anyway), but the website explains that what we think of as Stupid People is really normal people just doing Stupid Things, or at least things that we interpret as Stupid. And oftentimes these acts aren’t stupid at all to the person committing them. This is a revelation to me, a freakin’ epiphany! Something that I should have discovered a long time ago if I wanted to save myself some grief.

These are important concepts that she points out and you should read what she has to say about it. It really helps me to keep my frustration level to a minimum. Let me try to flesh this out a little better…

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you have a person driving in front of you at 40mph in a 55mph zone, and has been for 20 minutes with no passing lanes for you and the half-dozen cars behind you to get around them. To me, this is as bad as having an entire nest of wasps crawling around in my tightest-fitting Levis. So you’re grumbling inside, verbally promoting the driver to the highest and most sought after levels of Stupidness, probably bitching to your mate about it, even considering calling 911 and reporting him/her as drunk just to get them off the road.

Well, what if it turns out that they have a very good reason to drive at 40mph? You might not know what that reason is, because, hell, you don’t have them on the cellphone or CB or anything like that, and even if you did , you might not agree with that reasoning and just hang up after informing them that they are supremely Stupid and should just pull over, get out and leave the keys in the car and walk slowly across the adjacent field and never look back. But nonetheless, in their mind, their driving at 40 mph is perfectly normal under their circumstances, and they, of course, think that anyone else under the same circumstances would drive at 40 mph. Maybe they have a dozen distracting kids in the car with them. Or maybe their girlfriend in the passenger seat is constantly screaming at them that they’re driving too fast. Or possibly they just left the scene of their own hit-and-run accident and they are thinking hard of going back and turning themselves into the authorities and/or getting the shit kicked out of them/having their license suspended/having to put out their joint. Who knows what their reasoning is, but the point is that it doesn’t matter. They just might have a legitimate reason for driving at 40 mph even when they know that everyone else wants to drive faster. We only think that it’s stupid because we aren’t in their circumstances. Think about it. This makes total sense, and, if it’s true, it takes away our reasoning that makes us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that person is stupid all the time and in any circumstances starting from when they get out of bed in the morning.

This theory is maddening to those of us that have gotten used to thinking that we are surrounded by Stupid People, and to justify their stupidity by saying to ourselves that we’re not stupid, but that it’s everyone else that’s stupid. I mean, really hard to swallow, ya know? Hell, I was kinda enjoying walking around thinking that I wasn’t as stupid as them. I mean, we were (sorry, baby).

So much for that.

If you believe this philosophy, which I myself  think I’m gonna try out for a few months to see if it gives me any blisters, then you at least have to stop grumbling and pissing and moaning about all the stupid shit that you see around you and all the stupid-ass idiots that seem to follow you around. You have no choice but to see these asinine episodes of Stupidity as nothing more than part of the human condition, something that we’re all capable of doing. Argh.  And you also have to face the fact that you yourself do things that make you look really stupid to others. I don’t think I’m gonna like this…

Anyway, I’m going to try, at least. Try to guess what on Earth would make someone do that next irresponsible and thoughtless act of supreme Stupidity. At which point I will calm down, take a chill pill and simply laugh it off as another unpretentious and forward-thinking act of my fellow man who just happens to be stuck in a preposterously funny set of circumstances that I can only begin to fathom. Don’t expect me to keep from rolling my eyes, though.

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